TU-80 Hi-Fi FM Radio Tuner

TU-80 is an audiophile-grade pure FM audio tuner specially crafted for radio and music lovers with many years of experience in radio design. This machine adopts DSP digital demodulation technology, with high sensitivity, good selectivity, high fidelity and high separation.

FM coverage 64-108MHz, frequency range adjustable

Dual signal channel (A and B) receiving system. Can be connected to two different antennas simultaneously

Select the best channel automatically, or manually by the user.

BNC antenna socket for dedicated FM outdoor antennas for local high-fidelity and long-distance reception (FM DX)

Two sets of RCA line audio outputs with fixed/adjustable levels

Built-in high-fidelity monitor amp

Headphone socket: <300 ohm; 3.5mm Multifunctional display: Displays radio frequency, signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, battery capacity, and more. Built-in large-capacity lithium battery for power supply, eliminates the interference with the connection of the power amplifier, and can be connected to an external USB power supply. Weight: 2.4kg Size: 212 (W) x 81 (H) x 330 (D) mm

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